Natural Parents Network (NPN) is a UK-based, support organisation which offers non-judgmental, confidential and independent support to people affected by adoption, including forced or coerced adoption.

NPN provides a listening ear for those living with the emotions and feelings that surround adoption of their children and the resulting separation. It also provides help and support to those coping with the emotions around contact and reunion.

NPN was formed in 1987 and operates nationwide.   It is managed by a committee of natural parents acting as trustees, who give their time freely on a voluntary basis.

Membership is open to natural parents and their relatives; also to agencies and organisations with an interest in adoption.

In addition NPN

  • Liaises with Social Service Departments and Adoption Agencies.
  • Takes part in pre and post adoption groups for adoptive parents, some members being on adoption panel.
  • Makes its views and experiences known to those involved in adoption policy and practice.
  • Responds to Government consultation documents and attended meetings pertinent to the implementation of the Adoption & Children Act 2002.
  • Responds to requests from the media, researchers and students without breach of confidentiality.
  • Enables and supports those wishing to consider tracing an adopted adult with possible contact and reunion.
  • Circulates a regular newsletter.