2018 Annual General Meeting - Outcome

Further to our Annual General Meeting on 21st April, 2018, we regret to announce that after 31 years, NPN must close.

The decision, which was not taken lightly, is partly the result of a shortfall in Trustees willing to take on the task of running the organisation.

Prior to and during the AGM, the key issues were discussed and voted on, including:
Issues surrounding ongoing member confidentiality;
Managing any data currently held by NPN, both in digital and analogue form;
The fate of the Sue Jackson Fund;
Organisations which may be suitable recipients for a donation from any remaining NPN funds,
and how we might continue to help birth parents by directing them to appropriate support groups for guidance with searching and any other issues.

A full report on the AGM was published in the final edition of the NPN newsletter, which was distributed during the latter part of August, 2018.

It is a sad time for those affected by these issues, but we will be using the NPN Facebook Page to keep spreading the message and providing help to those needing support.
This website will remain live until the Summer of 2019 and as appropriate, content from here may be transferred to Facebook.


NPN's mission

Whether you are a birth parent, birth relative, adopted adult or have been affected in some way by the difficulties that arise as a result of adoption, including forced or coerced adoption, NPN is here to help.

Natural Parents Network (NPN) is a self-help organisation run by those who have lost children to adoption.

We offer non-judgmental, confidential and independent support to those who have suffered such a loss.